Rishiwa Kamala for Mandarin Kennel

Kamala is a beautiful example of Tibetan Mastiff female. She inherits best qualities of her parents – sir Rishiwa Fateh from Estonia and dam Huang of Longcheng Kennel from China. Her exceptional amber colour and  body structure are well locked genetic traits of her mother.

  1. Age3.5 years
  2. Height67cm
  3. Weight52kg
  4. GenderFemale
  5. Land of BirthEstonia
  6. FatherRishiwa Fateh
  7. MotherHuang of Long Cheng Kennel
  8. Known LittersLitter A of Mandarin Kennel

A Golden Fleece of our kennel, she became first and most beloved queen in our family. Although everything was allowed to this plush bear, she demonstrated high level of understanding of human feelings beginning from an early age. She developed from a very mighty, massive and cubic puppy into a well-balanced, proportional and harmonious lady, which shows exceptional movement and power, as well as pretty much of energy. Her ability to be a watch-dog was very well seen already at 4-5 month, although in the end she became our treasure, which we guard more than she guards us, and in addition judges of all visited show-rings not only recognised her great type, but as well assessed her as an excellent female and appreciated her incredibly gentle temperament. We believe to see her progeny among the most valuable and recognised dogs in the world.

Tibetan Mastiffs at Mandarin Kennel

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Rishiwa Kamala for Mandarin Kennel
Rishiwa Kelsang for Mandarin Kennel
Rishiwa Orion of Mandarin Kennel

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