Boys looking for a new home

Altair and Almaak are lovely, 6 months old boys looking for a new home. Puppies already awarded first places in speciality dog show in Tallinn this year, they are very well socialized with other people and ready to be loved members of the new family. Ask us now! Almaak and Altair: Altair: Almaak:

Dog Temperament and Personality

Personality Tibetan Mastiffs are some of the most reliable guard dogs around. In Tibet, they would be tied to a pole at two months of age to enhance their aggressive tendencies and taught to guard a home. As the breed developed and became larger and more reliable, one dog would often act as a guard […]

Breeding Lines

Huang of Long Cheng Kennel  (mother of Kamala & Kelsang ) – imported from China, this golden female is a unique example of Tibetan Mastiff that was ever imported in Western countries. She has  an excellent head, strong and proportional body and exceptional pure colouring, as well as expressive movement and gentle character. Kamala inherits her […]

Feeding Program

The first question that comes to mind when happy owner brings his puppy home, is how to feed him or her? Future appearance and health of your adult dog is highly dependant of what you feed your puppy with. Tibetan Mastiff is a strong, massive, heavy dog, and it is needed to be well educated concerning […]

Select a puppy

With growing popularity of breed, number of people who wants to make a profit without any responsibility grows proportionally. What for seller is just breeding for profit, for buyer can turn into a personal catastrophe. What can be more disappointing than to buy a puppy and in the end find that he has some genetic or incurable diseases? […]

Why Tibetan Mastiff

When someone decides to take a dog, usually he already knows which breed to choose. But when someone has a chance to meet Tibetan Mastiff,  this question is settled up once and forever. And actually this is a very serious decision, because TM (Tibetan Mastiff) is not only the greatest joy for his owner, but […]

Breed Qualities

Popularity of this breed grows every year, and growing population of Tibetan Mastiffs seen in countryside, at DogShows and even in the cities proves that there is something fascinating in them. But what people really know about this breed? There is enormous amount of information in the web, most of which is placed with commercial or advertisement purpose. Its really hard […]

History of Tibetan Mastiff Breed

History of Tibetan Mastiff or Do-Khyi begins from 3 to 5 thousands years ago according to different sources. Long time before any standards were developed, many generations of Tibetan dogs were herding flocks and guarding families in Tibet.    For thousands of years Tibet was isolated from the rest of the world by highest peaks of Himalaya, which caused its […]