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Lines1Huang of Long Cheng Kennel  (mother of Kamala & Kelsang ) – imported from China, this golden female is a unique example of Tibetan Mastiff that was ever imported in Western countries. She has  an excellent head, strong and proportional body and exceptional pure colouring, as well as expressive movement and gentle character. Kamala inherits her phenotype.

Huolong of Long Cheng Kennel ( grandfather of Kamala & Kelsang ) – chinese line brightly red male, with remarkable head and pure colouring pattern. He possesses prepotent genetical traits and is of great interest for western breeding programs. Kamala is closer to his phenotype.

Bhadra Rishiwa z Kaskay
 (Grandfather of Kamala & Kelsang) – 50% chineese line male ( TDE 2008 JWW, Ava skar 2008, LTJUN Winner 2008, Fin Winner 2009 Est, Lv, Lt, Balt JCH, Est, LV, LT, Balt, Rus, Fin CH, RKF CH), exceptionally prepotent with prominent head and body. Of a great interest for western breeding program. Kelsang inherits his phenotype.

Rishiwa Fateh  ( Father of Kamala & Kelsang ) – Beloruss champion, Lithuanian champion, Beloruss Winner 2010 has very well balanced body and father’s (Bhadra) type. His beautiful and expressive coat and mane make him one of the most interesting male bred in the West. Kelsang is closer to his phenotype.
12237961_454197794767129_5037937237447354395_oXAUTO (Father of Litter A) – beautiful male imported from China, multi champion in few countries and a very unique example of Tibetan Mastiff. XAUTO lives in Czech Republic in kennel Z MILINSKOY UDOLI, and is proud father of Mandarin Kennel A litter.

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