Dad of the Puppies

Beautiful Xauto z Milinskeho Udoli – Import from China

Dysplasia Test: BB 00. (Good Hips) approved for breeding
Multi Champion, was Group Winner in over 10 shows around Europe. Countless “Excellent” marks on Shows and numerous CAC’s.
– Has very good movement, beautiful head, fur and colour
– Stays in Czech Republic and is extremely valuable for breeding
– Very Good Character


Mom of the puppies

Rishiwa Kamala ‘for Mandarin!

Dysplasia Test: AA 00 (no Dysplasia).
In her pedigree:
– MultiChampion Rishiwa Fateh
– MultiChampion Bhadra z Kaskay
– Import from China – famous Tianwei Yuan Yuan
– Beautiful Huang of Long Chen Kennel – import from China
– HuoLong of Long Cheng Kennel, red male – lives in China
Kamala has 9xExcellent marks on dog shows in France and Estonia. She is very intelligent and has very nice movement and show results! She adores children, cats, other dogs and most of the people, very friendly and absolutely not aggressive female.


All our puppies of purest and brightest rich red colour, which is the most valuable in this breed.

Litter A

Altair of Mandarin Kennel


Antares of Mandarin Kennel

Aries of Mandarin Kennel

Aquila of Mandarin Kennel

Aster of Mandarin Kennel

Almaak of Mandarin Kennel

Alhena of Mandarin Kennel

Alcyone of Mandarin Kennel

Aurora of Mandarin Kennel

Astria of Mandarin Kennel

Puppies born in Mandarin Kennel

Before breeding our Tibetan Mastiffs, we pass all necessary health checks and visit multiple shows to get professional opinion about our job. Our puppies and their mother are fed with best super premium quality dry food (Royal Canine) and natural additions (meet, milk and vegetables). All our Tibetan Mastiffs, and those which we use for breeding, possess excellent pedigrees and are very successful at dog shows. By request you can visit our kennel and see our dogs and puppies. You can also bring your children if they would like to know more about Tibetan Mastiffs. We welcome all questions about breed, our dogs and special care.