Why Tibetan Mastiff


When someone decides to take a dog, usually he already knows which breed to choose. But when someone has a chance to meet Tibetan Mastiff,  this question is settled up once and forever. And actually this is a very serious decision, because TM (Tibetan Mastiff) is not only the greatest joy for his owner, but as well a huge responsibility.

Dogs of this breed are very independent, but it doesn’t mean they may grow without human’s attention. They are very communicative and like the society, people, kids, other animals. They love cats and enjoy other dogs and for sure are best friends for kids. They don’t have a complicated mentality and don’t require special trainings. But person who takes this dog has to be strong physically and by character, and for sure it is not a dog to acquire for young kids ( meaning if you don’t plan to be the truly owner of this dog ).

But if all the family is wiling to take care of their TM, it is for sure the right breed. So why to choose a Tibetan Mastiff? Here are some advantages, which then will be followed by requirements necessary to keep this breed:

– hyppo-allergic fur of Tibetan Mastiff, which they mostly keep clean by themselves not like many other breeds.  As well their fur doesn’t have specific dog’s smell;
– stable and kind mentality towards their family, and especially kids. There are no witnessed incidents recorded of TM making harm to kids of their family. It doesn’t mean kids must be allowed to do everything they want to the dog, they also must be well mannered;
– ability to live and guard property in a pack with several males and females in it ( although pack must be closely watched ).
– exceptional guarding skills, that are genetically locked in this breed and don’t require special training;
– females are in season only once per year, that shortens the “complicated time” for their owners;
– TM’s are not eating that much as you can think based on their weight and power;
– very intelligent and subtle temperament is correlated with independence and self-confidence;
– ability to live outside all year round, including  very cold winters ( Russia, Canada, Northern Europe, etc ) where they show their best qualities.
– they do not bark without the reason, but in the night are more active especially in the pack;
– they are relatively calm in comparison to other watch-breeds
– stable mind and psychic of the dog

What characteristics future owner of TM have to possess:
– self-confidence
– kindness, sobriety and character stability
– physical health and strength
– obliging and and reliance
– sense of humour and easy temper
– earnestness and responsibility
– consistency
What can be a reason for choosing Tibetan Mastiff:
– it is needed to guard large property in a free state ( fenced )
– looking for companion and a play-mate for a family and its kids ( better to take a female pup then );
– looking for independent and intelligent friend with calm character, stable mind and psychic
– looking for a dog that is not requires special training for guarding property
– interest in a new acquaintances and society around this breed, dog-shows, meetings
– for prestige and appearance of success in correlation with a desire to have a good friend

12091381_446826752170900_4962456715916186801_o-1 In order to raise such a large dog properly it is needed to have large fenced backyard, which is at least 5 000 sq. feet and preferably bigger. Fence should be high and strong ( not wooden or mesh-netting fence ) with a concrete protection in the bottom. It is nice if house of future owner is located in outskirts, countryside, village or freestanding, so that your TM has something to guard and somewhere to run free. It is highly not recommended to take TM if you are living in the apartment, and this is the worse decision could even be made. TM is not a dog for apartment and must not be sold to anyone who intend to keep it in a flat, except if it is for 1-2 weeks TM due to unforeseen circumstances.

Person willing to take Tibetan Mastiff have to live in a continental climate, with cold winter and not that hot summer. Tibetan Mastiffs adapt to other climatic zones too, but it is hard to say that they can be happy when it is always hot. Nordic severe climate is where they really be happy in.

  Deep bark of Tibetan Mastiff can be heard well in distance of 1 km and more, would you and your neighbours accept such sounds? Although most of the people sleep better when hear their dogs, because of the feeling that someone is not sleeping at this moment and guards the property.

An experience of having another dog is a very good skill of the future owner of TM, this breed requires  сonsistent and persistent owner, especially this is true for male dogs.

Tibetan Mastiff is a very healthy breed, they don’t have many of deceases that other artificial breeds have.  But it doesn’t mean they are made of iron, and you should be ready that the dog can become sick. You have to count on several visits to a vet per year, including vaccination and medical examination. Also calculate the costs of regular anti-worms treatments, anti-parasits treatments, care and disinfection products, emergency medicine chest, vitamins and minerals and other supplements. See the approximate calculation of amount for keeping a TM below.

During the first year of his life a TM requires some basic training and socialisation. Future owner must have enough time for his dog to teach him good manners. Don’t forget that while this is a puppy, he makes all his things in different places sometime, so that you aware and not in shock when you brought him home! It is usually enough few days to teach him to make all the things outside. Remember, that small puppy can’t wait long and need either live all the time in a backyard either stay in an enclosure for short time.

Tibetan Mastiff needs everyday attention from his owner, at least one long walk per day ( in case of 3-10ha territory he can survive without it, but walks are needed to keep him socialised and know surroundings better ). He also needs some company, such as kids, other animals, or adults who willingly will play with him. There is no more frustrating picture than when he is alone all the days. The best solution if you don’t have anyone to be with him during the day is to take two Tibetan mastiff, so you can be sure they will not be feeling lonely.  Apart of it, the more mastiffs, the better property being watched ( depending on its size, of course ). This decision is also solving a problem of lack of communication with congeners, firstly because not any dog can play with Tibetan Mastiff because of his size, and secondly because on countryside there are sometimes no playmates ready to keep him a company.

Should you acquired a very nice puppy, you will most probably want to visit dog-shows with him, what will also become a significant expenditure item, but will bring to you joy of winning and more useful connections!

TM like to dig holes including those under the fence and in your favourite flowerbeds, it takes some time to wean them from this habit, sometimes up until they are grown up. They are also can be quite stubborn and self-thinking on the walks and training lessons.

Lately, but most importantly, assess your ability to feed your TM properly. This is fairly to speak is the most costly expenditure item, which you have to be able to care about for a long time. You can read what the diet of TM should be consist of on our website. Normally, the cost of the puppy itself shows that this is not a questionable capability of his future owner.

There is something else to add. Even if there is something that doesn’t fit to this requirements, it is not the reason to decline your wish to take the dog of this wonderful breed. There is something magical in them. They have an ability somehow to turn your life and yourself to the best. And almost any happy owner of this fairy dog will prove you this statement. Not for nothing tibetan people say, that this dogs are bearers between the real word and world of spirits. Just make sure that you really want to take care of him all his life. Nothing can be more frustrating than to see when someone returns his puppy, just because he realising it is needed to take care about the living thing, and that this is not a toy!

Some approximate annual expenses for keeping Tibetan Mastiff:
– Food & Snacks  – 3000-4000 EUR
– Supplements – 500 EUR
– Vet visits – 200-500 EUR
– Care Products  and treatments – from 250 EUR
– Dog-shows – up to 50 EUR for each participation depending on the country, plus the travel expenses.

Apart of it, think about preparing a place for the puppy and then adult dog, building enclosure, toys, as well as someone to watch after your pet while you are on holidays, and so on. This estimations are approximate but it is what is needed to count on when making a decision about taking puppy. It is for certain not the cheapest breed, not for its cost, not for its keeping. But it is not the dog for everyone either, this is an exceptional breed for exceptional people.

Still didn’t change your mind? Then we welcome you to reserve a puppy from our kennel, where we not only provide full information about our dogs and their pedigrees, but also give a lifetime support and advises as for keeping, feeding and raising your new friend.

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